Taller G.J.D. Auto Body, coche deportivo con el lema
Our main goal is keep 
our clients satisfied

Services we provide:



Claims management with all insurers. Repair of all types of strokes, big or small, in the shortest time possible, courtesy vehicle available.

Complete or partial DUPONT paint and stoving.




All work required to keep your engine in good condition, including change of clutches, distribution, brakes, etc ... Reviews without loss of warranty.




PProblems with notices in control panel, lights, alternator, battery, electronic diagnosis, repair ECUs, airbags, ABS, etc ...


Taller G.J.D. Auto Body,coche BMW pintando con la Pantera Rosa
Taller G.J.D Auto Body, Nissan colisión
Taller G.J.D. Auto Body, cabina de pintura
Taller G.J.D. Auto Body, Nissan arreglado



Founded in 1991. We are a company founded by three brothers, Gaspar, Juan and David, in 1991 Glend Gardner, N.J., USA. In 1996 we moved to Torremolinos, Málaga; which is where we are located at this time. Initially devoted solely to repair paint and plate eventually have joined sections, general mechanical, electricity, electronic diagnosis, reset and programming ECU's, alignments, tire balancing, tire replacement, welding aluminum, bronze, etc ... always trying to make the work with the utmost professionalism possible and offering all the guarantees of a good job. Our main objective is that the customer is satisfied with the work done.